The Orangerie is the building that used to be used to overwinter  plants. UNIQUE!  Situated on the biggest pond with a view over the fields and forests.

For sale

The orangerie is for sale in one piece in its current, unrenovated state (The first photo is a projected renovation). There are various  options/possibilities to renovate it yourself. The best option is probably to turn it into a hotel / restaurant, with 15 spacious rooms. It can also be divided into several houses, with a maximum of 5 residential units. This is limited by a GRUP (planning permission). The property has a spacious garden with a view of the pond areas, meadows and the forest. On the other side, it is on the inner courtyard of the castle.

If you renovate the building, it can be done in 3  floors with a totale floor area of approximately 1818 m2. The measurements and drawings have already been made, the historical study is also finished. The connections for the utilities are ready.

Asking price: 1.500.000 euro.

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